Friday, August 12, 2011

On the side. . .

One thing I forgot to post on was some of the firewall/floorpan work I did.  I did a quick once-over, looking for trouble spots and didn't really find much of anything.  That's pretty incredible, since the floorpans are one of the big, big problems on these cars.  There is some rot on the bodywork under the passenger door, but I think that will be fairly easily corrected--it's just a matter of a small patch or two at the most.  It may not even be necessary to do anything over there.

A minor irritation are these little areas where two pieces of sheetmetal have been spot-welded together.  Can't say I care for that too much.

So I welded the seams up a little better, and welded the brackets up to the body a little better.  Once again, spot-welding with .025 wire, until things are filled up.  Then a quick hit with a flap disk.

I am stoked about the floorpan.  Now, the two remaining potentially nasty places are the trunk, which was good last time I looked at it.  And the rear wheel wells, which I am sure need to be replaced.  Really, that's going to be the most difficult part of the rebuilding process.  I dread that even more than redoing the roof.

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