Friday, August 5, 2011

More of the Waiting Game

One more weekend without the subframe, but that should be it.

In the meantime, I have not been able to do much with the car anyway.  I'm going to spend some time tonight on the firewall and subframe connectors with a wire wheel.  Look for any major rust trouble-spots.  I may pull the doors, as well.  Just for fun.  The only problem is that my doors will probably have to live in the basement. . .  There's nowhere for them in the garage right now.

My sprinkler system was a huge derail, but the worst of that is over.  I hope. . .

I've also been doing some research over at, looking at some of the Chevy 250 stuff, but mostly looking for information on the various 4200 swaps being done.  Despite at least two first-gen F-body swaps, and at least one Nova swap, I cannot for the life of me find pictures of the engine mounts or modifications to the subframe--if there are any.  I know that that last turbo 4200 the article said that the engine crossmember had been notched, but I cannot find any pictures.

I hate pestering folks, but I gotta get an idea of what that entails.  As far as I can tell, a straight-up 4200 swap, no turbo or other silliness, should be about the same or cheaper than a good stout rebuild on the 250.  And the trade-offs in power and fuel economy are far better with the 4200.  I'm probably going to have to make a nuisance of myself over on some forums.

Anyway, if there's anyone out there in interwebs land who actually reads this blog:  If you have some spare time, I'd seriously kill for some actual progress pictures of a 4200 swap into a first-gen F-body or Nova.

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