Saturday, August 13, 2011

I still can't f*cking weld :(

Well, I got the frame washed down and in the garage.  I needed to wash out all the leftover green diamond stuff left from sandblasting.  There wasn't too much.  Then I just set the frame on some blocks on the free side of the garage.

The next step was to mark off the seams in the frame at 6" intervals.  I don't want to weld any more than that at a time, in order to prevent warping the frame.

There still is some undercoating inside the seams, where the sandblaster couldn't get them, and that causes me a little trouble with the welding.  And for some reason, when I hit the factory welds, they react differently than the surrounding steel.  Not sure if that's normal, but it doesn't seem like anything to worry about at this time.

You can see in these pictures that there are some real nasty gaps and crappy welds going on here.  I'm not saying my welds are all that great, but at least they do in fact join the metal together.

I will finish the bottom today, and move onto the top tomorrow.  It goes fairly quickly.  I am certain that at some juncture I will burn a gigantic hole in my ass from switching from hot side to cool side.  But them's the breaks.

Still have to get some POR 15 in.  I guess I'll just order it online.  I prefer to buy from local shops, but that doesn't seem practical sometimes.

My welds still look like unbridled ass, but I'm getting a little better at it.  One other thing to note:  This kind of welding eats up the wire and Argon/CO2 like no one's business.  I will probably have to get my bottle exchanged after the frame is done.

One other thing that's important:  Protecting the kids that wander the neighborhood. The last thing in the world you want is to flash burn some 8 year old's eyeballs.  I have some good little helper kids in the neighborhood, and they're too damn curious for their own good.  So I try to take precautions, so they don't get burned by the welding arc.

Yes, that is in fact a prayer rug.  I got it in Kuwait in '91.  And no, I don't give a damn about using it for whatever boring, dirty but useful blanket-type chore I can find for it.  It's usually draped over something or thrown into a corner.  I haven't really defiled it yet.  Not that I can remember, anyway. . .

Insensitive?  Yep.  But be honest, you don't really give a damn about what I think--and I'm happy to return the favor.  If this pisses you off, I win.

Also, remember to always take time for the little things.  For example, replacing the boring old shifter knob in your Pathfinder for a nice rednecky chrome skull.  Chrome skulls, Camaros and cultural insensitivity are the lifeblood of this once great nation. . .

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