Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well, the welding continues.  I've used a small roll of .030 wire up, part of a new one, and all my gas!  Welding body work takes almost no wire, or gas, but this sort of thing really eats it up.  I'll have to go exchange my tank one of these next days.  I'll have to go early from work, because the shop closes at 5:00.

My beads are looking much nicer, even though they're still crappy looking.  But this topside has gone much easier than the bottom.  Too bad, because this side will be tucked up against the body of the car, where no one will ever see it.

But I'm confident this will stiffen and strengthen the frame overall.  I am thinking very much along the lines of using a Hotchkis TVS for the suspension rebuild/upgrade.  I did buy that set of multileaf springs awhile back, but maybe they'll have to go on Ebay or KSL.  I'm sure someone out there could use a set of springs for their first-gen project.

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