Sunday, June 3, 2012

Trunk Drops 2

Trunk drops arrived yesterday afternoon via FedEx.  I slept in a couple hours today, and then got out there and did some work.

I re-welded all of the spot welds I'd cut unnecessarily, welded in the patch in the wheel well, and did some general cleanup.  I then re-fitted the outside wheel house, and fitted the new trunk drop.  After temporarily placing the quarter panel on to check fit, it all looked like it would line up just fine.  I've got the trunk drop set with a couple of sheet metal screws, and the wheel house is clamped in good and tight.

I should have the two welded in solid by the end of the week.  Maybe if Saturday turns out to be a good day, I'll have that quarter panel fitted and welded as well.

I picked up a gun and cartridge of 3M 8115 Panel Bond.  I'm going to use that in conjunction with the welding to fix these panels.  It will also serve as a seam sealer.  I was going to use body caulk, but the 3M rep said that this stuff should be fine for that.  I'd rather use a single product, for simplicity's sake if nothing else.

Here's a picture all clamped up.  You can also see the parts I've coated with POR-15.  My shop is an unholy mess.  It's got to the point I can hardly use it.  Time to do some housecleaning!!!