Friday, December 2, 2011

Half full, or half empty?

I have the front part of the rotisserie finished and attached to the car.  It works perfectly, so far.  Attachment was simple, and the mount is solid. The picture you see here is without the safety pin, which I added last.

Picture of the safety pin, and the verticle adjustment.

A side view of the attached rotisserie.

The front mounts are very simple.  I just cut the ends at a 45 degree angle, and welded in a small piece of 1/4" stock.  The picture here doesn't show it, but all I had to do then was drill a hole for the bolt.  The bolt fastens directly to the castle nut in the front subframe mount.

One thing I have had to do is re-tap the nuts that I've welded on for the stop bolts.  The heat from welding distorts them just enough to make it difficult to turn the bolts in.  It's a quick, and easy process to re-tap.

The last thing, which you may have noticed from the first picture, is a peg to hold the 3/4" wrench for the stop bolts.  I simply drilled a hole in the side of the rotisserie, dropped in a large steel nail, and tack welded it in place.  Makes a perfect little hook.  I may add at least one more to both sides of the rotisserie, so there's a place to hang the safety pin as well.

All in all, this is turning out great.  I have the rear mounts to build up, and then the body will be up and ready for cleaning and repair.  It's very exciting.

On the rear, I am reconsidering mounting to the bumper brackets.  I think I will mount to the rear leaf spring shackle mounts instead.  It just looks easier than fabricating a mount for the bumper brackets, and may be more secure.

With the rear wheels on, the front rotisserie rolls very easily, even on my rough garage floor.  Moving it around when the whole thing is up and ready is going to be a cinch.

If all goes well, I should have this part of the buildup wrapped up this weekend, and I can move on to actually working on the car again, removing the old undercoat, repairing the two spots on the floorpan, etc. . .

One other thing I didn't mention was welding in body supports.  I've seen conflicting recommendations out on the web, so I may skip some of it and move on.  I will have to weld in supports before I cut out the roof and quarter panels, but I may not have to do it just now.

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