Monday, November 21, 2011

Just About There

OK, I have the rotisserie about 95% complete.  I finished the pivots, and got started on the brackets for the car.  I need to make some adapters for the brackets, so the front end will connect via the subframe mounting points on the cowling and the rear will connect via the bumper brackets.

All in all, I think the rotisserie is grossly overbuilt, but that's OK.  We'll see how it works on the car.

I still need to fab up the height adjustment bars, but that should only take a minute or two.  I also need to cut the connector bar to length, and get the pin bolts set up for that as well.  Hopefully after Thanksgiving I can get it finished up and get the car up on it.

I'm also going to fabricate an engine mount to have the ability to use one of the rotisserie tripods as a motor/transmission stand.  They're more than stout enough.  In fact, I think they could be adapted to be used for all kinds of different stand-related functions.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm quite a ways off from any engine work yet.

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