Monday, December 5, 2011

Up, up and away!

Here are some shots of the car on the rotisserie.  It's easily wheeled in and out of the garage, and very simple to reposition the body.  I do need to jack the whole thing up about 6 to 10 more inches, to make it just a hair easier to spin and work on the underside of the car.  And I need to make some minor adjustments to the long connecting bar.

Just another view, looking out of the garage.

And a view of one of the attachment points on the rear leaf spring shackle.  I will have to make some kind of arrangement to work on the attachment area, as there will be some repair/reconditioning needed under there.  It may end up swapped up to the bumper, or I may see if one mount will hold while I work on the opposite side.  I'll just have to see when I get to that point.

It was an incredible feeling wheeling the car out on this thing.  The rotisserie is worth every penny, and every minute of time.

Next up:  working on the trunk, quarters and roof.  I will be hitting everything with the wire wheel to make an assessment of necessary repairs, and coming up with a plan of attack.  There are still some minor parts that need to be stripped out, and I'll be spending some time digging all the old insulation, padding and dirt from the interior.  But really, that's not even an afternoon's worth of work.  I think the most important thing now is to assess the quarter panels and rear wheel houses.  Most likely all of that will have to come off the car and be replaced.  Question is, do I do that first, or the roof first.  Questions, questions. . .

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