Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Took out a few remaining things on the car's interior.  Nothing photo-worthy.  Took the heater core assembly out, the wiring harness, and the steering column and pedals (brake pedal is still in there, though).

No new rust, but something has to be done about the pockets at the bottom of the cowling.  They're clear full of dead leaves and dirt and crap.  I'm going to have to figure out how to drill some relief holes, so that stuff doesn't collect there anymore.

The next step is to wire wheel some questionable areas and verify whether or not they have to be repaired.  I don't anticipate much.  At first glance, the inside wheel houses on the back look OK.  Which is really good, and really unexpected.  Outside wheelhouses are just as jacked as the quarter panels, and will have to be replaced.

The little kerosene garage heater works pretty good.  Wasn't cold at all out there--although it was a pretty nice day outside, anyhow.

I also jacked the car up another 8 or 10 inches in the rotisserie.  That will make rotation a little easier, and make the job overall a little easier.  Jacking it up was simple.  And it allowed me to center and tighten the brace between the rotisserie stands.

One of the next things will be to wirewheel out the rest of the insulation--which will all be replaced with nice modern stuff.  Once that's out, I will start on the floor panel repair I mentioned earlier in the blog.

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