Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The POR-15 is on the subframe.  I will top this with a coat of black enamel, as the POR-15 is not UV resistant, and no one wants a bright silver frame.

Coating the inside was a beast.  I still need to go over that again.  This is accomplished by zip-tieing a small sponge to a thin pole.  You dab the sponge in the paint, and run it up and down inside the frame.  It's not too tough, but it's hard to hit some spots, and impossible to hit others.

You could make the argument that powdercoating would've offered more coverage, but I have never been impressed with powdercoating.  The POR-15 is far more durable.

The best thing about this, is that this is one of the first things that can go in the "build-up" column, versus the "tear-down" column.  Very exciting.  You need these little things to keep up your motivation.

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