Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Time, No See, and a Rotisserie

Well, work has conspired to rob me of valuable car building time, so it's been awhile since I had anything worth updating.  Progress has not significantly changed since my last post, except that I did receive the floorpan repair panel from Ricks' Camaro.  And I made a decision about the nature of this rebuild.

Compromise is a dirty word.  Sometimes you're forced to compromise, and sometimes it works out in your benefit.  However, I don't really want to compromise too much on this car.  The whole point is to end up with something that is virtually brand-new.  So crawling under it to do a hasty overhead job on the floor pan simply will not do.

So I'm going to build a rotisserie, and do this up right.  I found this guy's plans and buildup: Rotisserie plans/buildup.  I took the list down to MetalMart, because they're open on Saturday and Wasatch Steel is not.  Looks like I could be into the materials somewhere around $300.  Which is outstanding.  Retail, a rotisserie would run me at least a grand.  And, if I build this thing right, I can either keep it for the next car project, or turn it around and make a small profit.

I'm going to check Wasatch Steel's prices.  If nothing else, I'll buy the long, long sticks from them, as I don't fancy having a 24' piece of 3" square tubing riding on the top of my pathfinder all up and down I-15.  Wasatch is just up the road.  Also, MetalMart told me they didn't carry the round tube (which seemed funny. . .).  So we'll see if I can cut work early one of these next days and do some checking.

It may be a tight fit in the garage, but we'll see.  If I have to flip the car 90 degrees, it's no big deal, since this project has totally taken over my garage anyhow.

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