Friday, September 2, 2011

Continuing frame and front suspension prep

No pictures this time.  But progress has been made.  I ordered a set of repair washers for the body mounts on the subframe.  They weren't bad enough to really need repair, but I'd rather not have to tear the subframe out of the car again.  These pieces weld onto the underside of the mounts, reinforcing them without changing the geometry of the frame.  I'll have pics of the process of welding them in.

I've also ordered a master chassis fastener set and body bushings from Rick's Camaros.  Total was about $330.  But I shouldn't have to buy much of anything more as far as fasteners go.  That will allow me to replace ALL of the old nuts and bolts.  I just ordered reproduction rubber body bushings--opting out of doing polyurethane this time.  I do have all-poly in the suspension.  I put all that in a long time ago.

Prep continues on the A-arms.  I have one left, then I can get them painted.  I'll need to get the disc brake conversion set ordered, springs and shocks.  I won't likely buy all that at once, but I'd like to get the chassis rolling again, so I can wheel it out and get going on the back end.  In a perfect world, I'd have a shop big enough to just tear the whole thing apart all at once.  But I think this will work.

One last thing, I ordered a quart each of the POR-15 Marine Clean, Metal Prep and POR-15 silver.  I think that should be enough to finish off the frame and suspension.  Hopefully, it will leave me enough to repaint the firewall and do some work underneath the car.  The floorpans, etc. . . were so 'clean', that I think it would be counterproductive to strip and recoat them at this point.  But I will strip and recoat everything around the body mounts.

I will start making up a list of actual expenses here soon.  I'd like to have all that documented.  Not from a budgeting standpoint, but as a point of reference for what something like this actually costs.

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