Thursday, April 19, 2012

Undercoating REALLY Sucks

Sorry for the lack of recent postings.  I have just been working on stripping all that old undercoating, and it's really not much fun.

Scraping worked really well for the big stuff, now I'm down to the nooks and crannies.  I finally said screw it and hit it with a wire wheel.  Once you're down to the smaller spots, the wire wheel is great.  Just noisy and tedious.  I'm sure the neighbors hate me right now.

Still haven't found anything chemical that will touch that undercoat.  It's nasty stuff.  I think I'll order a can of the Eastwood undercoating stripper and see if that works.  I'm doubtful, but I'd resort to just about anything short of a blowtorch at this point.  Aircraft stripper doesn't touch it, and neither does oven cleaner.  The most I can notice with both is that it sort of dries out the undercoating, making the top layer marginally easier to strip off with a wheel.

I also picked up one of those small sandblaster guns at Harbor Freight and some glass bead media.  It actually works pretty well.  But I'm finding that I didn't buy nearly enough air compressor for the job.  One of my new missions is to find some kind of 25 to 30 gallon pressure vessel (like a water heater tank) that I can retrofit into a supplementary tank.  Not sure how that will go, but if it's a big expensive hassle, I may just try to sell this compressor and pick up a bigger one.  So word to the wise:  If it seems like it might be big enough, buy one twice that size.

Pics to follow this weekend, I hope.  I will probably try to get some internal bracing welded in for the quarter panel swaps.  I'm seeing a lot of people say, "don't do that on the rotisserie", which makes no sense whatsoever to me.  Supposedly the body is under a different torque load on the rotisserie, which may be true.  But you can't tell me that there's more torque on the body when  you've eliminated about 6 feet of subframe.  I could be dead wrong, but I'm going to go ahead and do the quarters, one at a time, on the rotisserie.  We'll see.

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