Monday, April 23, 2012

Quarter Panel Replacement

Well, I could've stayed inside and played God of War 2, but that seemed like a terrible waste.  So I rearranged the garage real quick, and got to welding in some temporary body supports.

Before welding in the supports, I leveled the body (you can see the carpenter's level on the package tray), and tack-welded the rotisserie in place.

The role of these supports is to strengthen the body while you remove the quarter panels.  I know a lot of restorers think it's the kiss of death to do the quarters on a rotisserie, but I think it should be OK.  I have a few extra things going my way.

  1. I'll only do one quarter at a time.
  2. I don't have to remove the back panel
  3. I'm going to brace the hell out of it.

The rotisserie is connected to the subframe mounts, and the leaf spring mounts.  I just don't see how that can present any more of a load on the body.  Again, I could be totally wrong.  We shall see.

So now I got no excuse.  I'll order the left-hand quarter and wheelhouse tomorrow.  I'm going to give Classic industries a whirl, and see how their panels stack up to that floor panel I got from Ricks' Camaro.

I'll also go pick up some more 1" square tubing and weld in two more angle braces in there.  May not help that much, but it sure won't hurt, either.

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