Monday, April 23, 2012


OK, no Camaro work this last weekend.  I had to make a bumper for my Pathfinder, because the original one had pretty much rusted through, and was going to fall clear off.

You can see the tinworm has done its evil work on that frame.  I hate to even think of what else is rusting away under there. . .

I simply re-used the stock brackets, with a piece of angle iron.

Here are the brackets, all fabbed up, and ready to go.

I treated the finished product with etch & prep, and painted with rustoleum enamel.  Not fancy, but should be well protected.

It leaves kind of a big empty spot, but it's heavy and rugged as hell.  Heaven help the person who rear-ends me now.

And, a close-up of that fabulous sticker. . .

I also had to move the spare tire carrier up about 3", but that was easy.

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