Monday, October 17, 2011

More Rotisserie

I have a good part of the steel I need for the rotisserie, and I got all the parts for the uprights/supports measured and cut.  I still have to get some round tubing for the swivels/pins, and some of the 2x2 square tubing for the body mount brackets.  I already had to weld some of the 3" tube together, because I misjudged my lengths at the store, and came up short on one of the uprights.  But I got that settled OK, and I'm pretty satisfied with that weld job.

This thing is going to be so overbuilt, it's not even funny.  But that's OK.  A little overkill never hurt anything.

Photos of the construction process will follow.  I should be able to start tacking the uprights, supports, and wheel mounts together tonight or tomorrow.

So far, the damage on the steel is $365.  But that includes a $95 3'x3' plate that I'm using for a construction table, which really should count as a tool/supplies cost, not necessarily a cost toward the restoration.  But right now I'm counting everything.  I'll keep a tally together.  Since buying a new rotisserie of this stoutness would set me back as much as $2,000, I think I have room to move.

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