Monday, July 18, 2011

Time Stands Still

My apologies to those of you following the blog.  I have not been able to make any significant progress on the car for a week or two, although I have been able to do something on it just about every day.  Mostly I've been scrubbing old undercoating off.  That stuff is gnarly.

I have decided to wait on the sandblasting guy, since he came recommended from the feller over at Mustang Ranch.  I quite like the shop over there--I walk past it on my way to/from work just about every day--it seems like there's some new project afoot over there every time I go by.  I may have to troll around for a Mustang to accompany this Camaro.  It would be cool to have the two competitors side by side. . .

Once sandblasting is done, I will be very close to the first big expenditure, which will be the disk brake conversion and rebuilding the suspension.  On the list will be:
  • coil springs
  • shocks (adjustable)
  • front disks/calipers, etc. . .
  • tie rod ends
  • ball joints (upper/lower on both sides)
  • sway bar
  • steering box (???)
  • poly body bushings
Steering is a big question.  I can swap in a much faster-ratio box from a number of old Chevy models, most of which will be direct bolt-ins.

I already have the poly bushings on the existing suspension components, so that will save me a little money.  Pretty much every rubber bushing in the car will be replaced with poly.

One thing to note:  Chevy, for some ungodly reason, riveted the lower ball joints into the A-arms.  I really have a hard time seeing how that could ever have been a good idea from any standpoint.  Removing them involves cold-chiseling the rivet heads out.  Honestly, did Chev just figure everyone would get tired of banging on a chisel and just buy a whole new A-arm?  I really don't get it, because their service technicians would've been just as inconvenienced as anyone else.  It's pretty darn stupid.

But then, the list of stupidity from automotive engineers is a long and ugly thing.

Revision:  I made a mistake in my rant--the riveted-in ball joints are on the upper A-arms. . .

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