Monday, July 11, 2011

Just confirming that I still cannot weld. . .

I spent a little time scrubbing the old undercoating, grease and dirt off the subframe.  Looks like I'm going to have to wait awhile on getting the sandblasting done.  The shop I want to use is backed up and moving--and won't be able to do much for another 2 weeks.  So I'll probably have to call around and get it in somewhere else.

I also welded up the transmission crossmember.  This may be premature, because it's highly likely the crossmember will have to be modified to accomodate the 4L60E tranny that would be going in with the 4200 Vortec.  But, take a look at the next pic, and you'll see why these things should be welded up.

You can see this big gap on the end (both ends are the same).  There are only a few spots along the seam that are actually welded from the factory.  So I clamped it down, tacked and welded the whole thing up.  And it looks like hell.

But that's why the Lord, in his wisdom, gave us angle grinders and flap disks.  I'll grind it all pretty, get it painted and throw up a couple more pics when it's done.

A quick note on the subframe:  The thing has about 1/8" of undercoating in places, and it's a bear to get off.  I finally found some very nice biodegradable paint stripper that does the job fairly well.  Spray it on, and leave it, then come back and scrub with a little soap and water.  It still takes a bunch of elbow grease, but it eventually comes off.

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