Monday, February 27, 2012

More Floor

OK, I did something stupid with my camera, so no pictures for this post.  But I did make some progress this weekend.  I finished taking out the seat support, and trimmed out the rest of the hole for the patch in the floor.  The patch panel looks like it's going to fit pretty nicely, after some trimming.

I also filled in some of my mistakes with the cutting wheel, and spot weld cutter.  Most of that will be covered by the new metal, but needed to be repaired anyway.

Hopefully this time next week I'll have this floor all done up nicely.  I picked up some butt-joint clamps from Harbor Freight, but I need to pick up some more channel locks/clamps.  I think I'll need at least a half-dozen to clamp that floor in nice and tight.

I'd like a hole-punch.  Might have to get one.  I'll need to zap some holes in the new panel for plug welds on the lap joints.

Pictures will follow, soon as I can figure out where I put that camera. . .

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