Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Waiting Game

Well, there's not much new on the Camaro to report.  I did get in my welder, a Hobart 140, and as soon as I pick up a hood, I'll start practicing on that sheet metal.  I also need to pick up a roll of .025/023 wire and some gas.  It's been a bad week for doing much of anything, what with work and graduations and weddings and other crap like that.

Next step is to get a cherry picker, and pull the engine and trans, pull all the front suspension, and then start stripping and cleaning all of it for reassembly.  I'll get the front of the body cleaned up, look for any serious rust/holes.  Then I'll re-coat what I need to in order to get the subframe and front suspension back on.  I'd like to have that intact, just to make the rest of the disassembly go as smooth as possible.

I may be able to get some of this taken care of this weekend.  Stay tuned for some more pictures, and some kind of actual progress. . .

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