Monday, May 23, 2011

Removal of fenders and wheelhouses, etc. . .

I have not worked on the car for a week, but had made some good  progress I hadn't posted.  Here's the rest of the breakdown of the body parts on the front clip.

Removal of the drivers side and passenger side fenders was fairly simple.  The only trouble I ran into were a few rusted bolts that were easily cut free.

 You can see where the wheelhouse has rotted out.  The other side is about exactly the same.

You can see the problem here.  Actually, the smaller panel underneath can be saved with a little grinding and little or no welding.  The fender could be saved as well, if I knew how to weld sheet metal.  I'm going to give it a go anyway--it'll be a good learning experience.

The back end of the fender's not too bad.

With the wheelhouse gone, it's starting to look pretty bare!

Passenger side.  You can see the radiator and mount still attached.  They came off next.

Now the easy stuff is all off.  Acutally, none of this is too bad.  This car, as others of its era, are very easy to work on.  Next on the list is to rent a cherry picker, pull the engine and transmission, then pull the subframe.  After that, it will be cleaning/inspecting.  I'll be looking for serious rust spots, and other repair problems.

So far, the only real rust has been in those two fenders/wheelhouses.  If the back half is as good as the front, this will be a little bit easier than I've estimated.

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