Sunday, June 2, 2013

Trying to get back at it

Well, it's been tough getting the Camaro back to the top of the project list. But I finally got the garage cleaned up enough to get back in where I left off.

So, I started by getting the drill out and hitting more of these spot welds. The tiny pinch welds on the outer wheel house are a bitch.

You get the idea, right?

The front of the quarter with the door hardware is much tougher on this side. It's almost impossible to see the spot welds. I don't want to tear into it as deep as I did before,so it will be slow going

One other thing I've decided to do is deleting the drip edges above the doors. I was thinking about door-handle deletes, but that just doesn't look right somehow. But I think trimming off the drip edges will clean up the car's lines. And it's not a particularly difficult thing to do.

Stay tuned. I'm really gonna try to get this project back on track.  Let's see how I do...


  1. Isn't the cold weather calling you into the garage to start working on this again?

  2. Yes! Somehow the smell of a disfunctional kerosene heater and the feeling of frostbite in my toes and fingers just does it for me! LOL