Thursday, March 21, 2013

More Pathy Blues, and a new toy!

Well, the Pathfinder really ticked me off.  I got the transmission in, got everything put back together, except the exhaust, and took it for a (loud) drive.  Drives fine, shifts fine, and the transmission itself is a lot quieter.

Problem is, when I bolted the Y-pipe back to the exhaust, and drove the car to work, it started burning something (probably sound insulation and/or carpet) up under the dashboard.  I couldn't really see where it was burning, and it really seemed odd, because the Y-pipe doesn't go anywhere near there.  It has to be something with the exhaust,  but I had just plain had it.

Well, I lost my temper and said to hell with it.  Rented a car, and started seriously looking for a spare.  Ended up getting this sweet little 2006 Mazda MX-5.

If you think this is a girl's car, that just tells me you: A. Never drove one, or B. Have no idea what actual driving is.  It's not blistering fast, but it's quick.  The 2006 NC has about 170 horsepower, but a curb weight under 2500 lbs.  The only thing that will turn or stop faster than this is a sport bike.  There's an ENORMOUS amount of aftermarket support, too.  It's just a simple, durable little car all around.  No fancy BS to break on these.

It is tiny, but not uncomfortable at all.  I have plenty of leg and head room.  And I've been running a lot of unnecessary errands, just 'cause it's so darn fun.  Mine's the 5-speed.  They offered a limited slip with the 6-speed in the fancier cars.  That would be nice, but this is pretty darn good.  It's seriously a shit-load of fun to drive.

Yeah, got the car at CU.  They seem OK for the whole dealer experience.  They were no-hassle, no hard sale bullcrap.  They didn't want to dicker with the price, but in all fairness, they had a darn good price to begin with.  I have no complaints so far.  These pictures are theirs... I hope they don't mind!

I'm going to tear into the Pathy again on Saturday.  Shouldn't be too much trouble to figure out what I did wrong.  Then I gotta give it a really good wash inside and out.  Once that's out of the way, I can get the old tranny back for the core charge, and hopefully can re-focus on the Camaro again. . .

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