Monday, January 14, 2013


I just realized how neglectful I've been with the blog, and this car project in general.

The winter/holiday season is always a little rough, and I've made ZERO progress on the car.  The RH quarter is off, and I still need to clean up the area and prep for installation of the new quarter.  Last winter I got a few days to get in the garage and do some work, but this winter I've been pretty lazy.

So, thanks to anyone still looking at this.  I will have updates.  My hope is still to have the quarter done, and start on the roof (or finish both) before the winter's out.  I'd really like to start re-assembling the car this summer.

I have the feeling that re-assembly will go fairly quickly--depending on how my finances hold up.  This year is looking pretty grim all-around.  We got fair increases at work, but income taxes are up, property taxes went way up, and I'm certain that everything is about to get a lot more expensive for all of us.  We'll see how tax returns go, but I'm guessing those will be a lot thinner as well. At the risk of offending you all, I gotta say I sure hope the people who re-elected Barry the Magic Negro are happy.  You got what you asked for.

Thankfully, most of the work on my car can be accomplished with a little hard work.  I hope the major expenses will be limited to the engine, front brakes, and suspension.  I won't worry about the interior until I have all the mechanical stuff settled.

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