Tuesday, October 2, 2012

LH Quarter done!

The left hand quarter panel is welded on solid, and lucky me, when I undid all the clamps and screws, everything stayed exactly where it belonged.  Door seems to line up well, as do the window channels.

I still have to fill in the screw holes and grind down the welds, but at least that bastard is on finally.

I have to clean out the garage, and reposition everything for the other quarter (which I still haven't ordered)...  The RH job will essentially be identical to the LH job.  I'll be replacing the outer wheel well, trunk drop and quarter panel.  I expect this side to go much faster.

I'm done making predictions, but every little bit of progress gives me more optimism about having this car done in another year or so.

No pictures this time.  There's really nothing new to see.

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