Thursday, August 23, 2012

Broken Record

. . .As in, I'm starting to sound like one.

Progress on the Camaro is minimal.  I did start over again fitting the quarter panel, using the front of the wheel well/back of the rocker as a reference point.  Should be much closer.  I do need to pull the door out of the basement and use it for fitting before I get any further.

On a side note, two new projects have raised their heads.  Behold:

Lynn--who, for all intents and purposes, has been my dad since I was something like 7 years old--started doing some work on his two 1965 Chevy C10 pickups.  The blue (or green) one was his dads, and the red one he bought brand-spanking new back in the good ol' days.  Both trucks need a bunch of work, but they're really solid, and much better than they ought to be having been out in the weather for so long.

He started the blue truck right up.  The red one should as well, but we're going to swap out the old points with an Eastwood HEI unit, then give it a try.  We're not sure what the motor in the blue truck is, but the red on has a 283.  The blue is most likely a 283 as well, but could also be a 265.  It's nearly impossible for me to tell.  One of these days we'll scrape down to the casting numbers and find out.

Plans are to build stake beds for the trucks, which should be pretty straightforward, and far less expensive than trying to restore the old beds.

So, we're all ass-deep in old Chevys.  Which could be worse.  We could be ass-deep in MOPARs, and then the only thing we could do is politely shoot ourselves and call it a day.

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