Monday, May 7, 2012

Auto Metal Direct is Blistering Fast

Well, I'm sick as a dog today.  I think the phrase is, "I feel like hammered dogshit".  I've just been sitting in the house being miserable all day.  I watched "13 Assassins," which is possibly the coolest samurai movie in existence.  Then I played God of War and nursed some pomegranate juice.  Meh.

Tomorrow, it's back to work.  Hammered shit or no.

I had to jump on and post, because Auto Metal Direct got me my parts already. I figured I had at least 3 weeks to work on trimming out the rest of the old quarter panel, and get everything cleaned up for the new one.  But Sala freight delivered the parts to me today.

The metal looks great.  I haven't tried test-fitting, but they definitely did not skimp on the metal.  It's an obviously heavier gauge than the Rick's Camaro floor pan patch.

So if it all fits, I think Auto Metal Direct may have a new customer.  It will still be a week or two before I'm ready to weld the new panel in.  List:
  1. Cut all old spot-welds, and remove the old metal (I'm about halfway on this chore)
  2. Sand down the humps from the spot-welds
  3. Prep and paint the interior of the panels
Once that's done, I can fit and install the new quarter, and outside wheel house.  I'm only trimming part of the wheel house out.  I think it will be much less work to do that than try and untangle all that structural shit in there.

It's going to be sooooo awesome, I can't stand it!!!

Pictures to follow, probably later in the week when I start feeling better.

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